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Probioskin blog post Eco World We Care

We care about you, our ecosystems and our planet earth now and into the future.

Yes, you know we only have one planet to call home. And if we look at the timeline that starts with life here on Earth as a day, mankind in comparison, who has only been here a few seconds, has made by far the biggest impact / footprint globally above all else in those few seconds.

Similarly, we also only have one body to last us in this lifetime. Our everyday choices & behaviour affect the health and wellbeing of both our beautiful body and our amazing planet. Our choices affecting directly and indirectly, meaning sometimes we notice immediately the impact of our choices and sometimes we don’t notice for a while where our choices lead us or how they affect our planet.

In the day to day of life, we are making choices that have an impact on a micro scale and a macro scale – micro = in our own little world/environment and in the greater collective out there in the world = macro.

On a micro level, the food we eat, the homes in where we live, the thoughts we think, clothes we wear, plants we grow, the water we drink, appliances & products we buy, and the rubbish we make, all affect us and the immediate environment around us directly. Indirectly, from our demands and needs, who made our food/clothes/products etc and with what, where it was grown and how, the means by which it came to us, all impact the macro scale of things. The ripple effect of our choices and to a certain extent, how our micro choices drive the macro.

We are powerful! Yes we are powerful! Powerful in that our choices can drive demand and supply, production and the means of production. We don’t have to buy “stuff ” that we don’t want to buy. Is that a big statement? Do we feel anxious about not buying “stuff”? Are we ok about making choices based on what we need & want, conscious  and sustainable choices rather than on what we are told/marketed/brainwashed to think we need & want?

“I did then what I knew how to do. Now I know better, I do better.” Maya Angelou

How do we educate ourselves to know what we truly like and want? To know whats good for us and good for the environment when we make choices for our selves and our families. Without always basing our decisions on a trend or marketing. Where do we find a source of information that holds ideas, learning, food, clothing, personal care and house hold items and so on – all the “stuff” that we need / want in our lives that is sustainable, ethical, made by real people, conscious about impact and healthy for Humans and the Environment?

As a company that is all about health & wellbeing, wishing to educate and support our global family in living their best life and focused on being ethical in our formulations and operations, we are constantly challenging ourselves to do our best and do better. We have a voice that we try our best to speak out with to share what we know best for your best life and contribute positively to the future of our planet. It is why we also are proud to be affiliated with Jennifer Nielsen and the team at Ekko World to magnify our voice with their voice and the multitude of people and businesses that add their voices to Ekko World also. We are a community of voices and activity living to do our best for you and our planet through what we are each passionate about.

“Oh the places you will go and the people you will meet.” Dr Seuss

It was more than a highlight at the recent “Save the World Expo” we attended in Brisbane recently when Jennifer stopped by our site to share a hug and chat on a few things Eco – pick the eco nerds getting excited about eco pathways, sustainability and how we can make a difference in our business practices 🙂

Blog post Probioskin and Ekko World at Save the World Expo Brisbane

Jennifer Nielsen of Ekko World and Amanda Parker of Probioskin discuss eco pathways & sustainability at the recent Save the World Eco Expo in Brisbane Qld Australia.

We had a blast at the Save the World Eco Expo in Brisbane, partly because of the community of fellow eco exhibiters we met and mostly because of the opportunity to connect with the people. Families, individuals of all ages and interests who attended the Eco Expo because they wanted to learn more about eco pathways, find eco goods and services, attend the many seminars – for example, Captain Paul Hammerstaad of Sea Shepherd Org      was captivating to say the least, mind blowing with the facts and  actual events where Sea Shepherd are literally putting their lives into stopping evil in our oceans and impact crucial choices of the world governments.

People we talked to were actively attending the Expo to access what is out there in the market to bring more eco choices into their daily living. As a health and wellness company we made a lot of people happy over the weekend, introducing our Mayella Skin // Nutrition // Tisanes – giving vegan clean beauty and organic alternatives to commercially marketed products still choosing to include toxic chemicals, sugar and bulking fillers in their goods. We especially made the lucky person who won our Gift giveaway draw valued at $188.00 very happy!

“Let the beauty of what you love, be the beauty of what you do.” Rumi

Our advice to the consumer, take the time to connect with who, how and what concepts when you are purchasing. Think about your health and wellbeing as a long term investment with the choices you are making now for you and your family also impacting out to ripple across our planet now and long term. Use resources like Ekko World and attend events like the Eco Expo to find amazing products with amazing, passionate, creative and eco conscious people and ethics behind them.

There’s an amazingly wonderful world of incredible people doing incredible things out there that you will love to be connected with, enjoying in your everyday life of living and loving!

Bliss and bless

Amanda & Robyn xx

Probioskin blog post Eco Expo and Ekko World We care

Protect the world you live in with conscious choices today, to enjoy its beauty and preserve a sustainable world for the future.

Exercise your way to healthy thoughts 2019 New Year Resolutions – Meditate Stretch Smoothie and repeat!
Exercise your way to healthy thoughts
2019 New Year Resolutions – Meditate Stretch Smoothie and repeat!

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