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Facial Therapies

Experience the quality of Mayella™ and treat you skin to a unique remedial treatment.

Our facial therapies are an experience of healing through the dimensions of touch and massage therapy for both the benefit of the skin matrix and enjoying a sense of holistic wellbeing. Our hands are the toolsRe of choice for every facial and specialised equipment may be incorporated when prescribed to address specific skin conditions. Regardless every facial is a full facial experience to treat and nurture both skin health and the whole person. facials stimulate through massage the production of blood cells and promoting lymph flow which hastens the elimination of cellular wastes that may lead to congestion, dark circles under eyes, break outs and tired skin. Purposeful massage movements and pressures stimulate nerve pathways, energy flow, cranial and sinus points, muscle activity – all essentially an important contribution to clearing and balancing skin conditions, promoting repair and maintenance functions such as collagen synthesis, muscle tone and conditioning.

For a pure experience with all of our facial therapies we bless the skin with our Mayella™ Natural Botanical Skincare. Chemical free and with no synthetic ingredients, our facials infuse pure aromatherapy essential oils, herbs and botanical extracts to the skin matrix. Our pure concentrates deliver to the cells improving circulation, cell formation and integrity, and relieving congestion in the tissues. Stimulating repair, radiance and vitality are the basis of all our facial experiences.


Holistic Facial Therapies

Facial Treatment (60 minutes)  $95.00

Facial Treatment (90 minutes) $125.00

Receive a complimentary skin consultation and analysis with your initial facial therapies treatment.


Amanda Parker consultant

(07) 5554 5241 |


Holistic Facial Therapies are available at wellness centre on the following times:

Tuesday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

Thursday: 9:00am – 5:00pm

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