The Skin Vitamin For Your Lifestyle!

When you get stressed so does your skin!

Research has shown the effectiveness of Niacinamide – B3, in balancing conditions of break out and acne, reducing water loss and retaining important fatty acid levels which means younger, plumper, firmer skin. Mayella™  Vitamin B Active Lotion stimulates the microcirculation in the skin, encouraging nourishment and nutrition to the epidermis cells.

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), lactic acid, antioxidant rich vitamin E, and Olivane™ in Mayella™ Vitamin B lotion work together to repair, regulate and hydrate tired, stressed skin. Essentially the same perfection as within Mayella™ Vitamin B Vital Lotion, but the difference being the fusion of powerful aromatherapy pure essential oils. Pure cinnamon, ginger and sweet orange combine in Vitamin B Vital to warm and circulate the skin, promoting healthy immune function of the tissues which is something tired or overwhelmed skin finds difficult to maintain. We recommend Mayella™ Vitamin B Vital for men of all ages to hydrate and heal, and as their perfect after shave lotion. Scent-ual and smoothing!

Mayella Vitamin B Vital Lotion - The Skin Vitamin For Your Lifestyle! - Blog Post by Probioskin

As the seasons change….

One of the leading active ingredients, Niacinamide – B3, has shown itself with research to be effective in encouraging the production of natural emollients that the skin needs to remain hydrated. Perfect for layering with Mayella™ Vitamin C Lift Serum as we cross from season to season. The presence of Niacinamide- B3, when applied topically very effectively creates a slowing down the loss of essential enzymes needed for production of cellular energy and lipids. With organic plant based ingredients the science of our formulas effectively supports on a cellular level.

Vitamin B Active Lotion 100ml - The Skin Vitamin For Your Lifestyle! - Blog Post by Probioskin

Mayella Vitamin B Active Lotion will help to balance and regulate the inflammation process contributing to breakout and acne.

Our Vitamin B Active and Vitamin B Vital lotions are an excellent pigmentation and lightening vitamin daily treatment that works by disrupting the transfer of melanosome from the melanocyte to the keratinocyte. basically we are targeting healthy cell function to create balance and repair from cycles that can be caused by pollution, UV exposure, break out, acne, hormone imbalances or biological changes such as pregnancy or puberty, and illness. Our anti-skin fatigue vitamin in a bottle!


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