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Mayella Botanical & Herbal Tisane is more than your average pot of tea. Relax, unwind and enjoy the aromatic sensations of beautifully hand crafted signature tea infusions made with organic dried botanicals and herbs sourced from the global village specially blended for remedial purposes where every sip is quite simply a blissful experience.

The medicinal use of tea in treating health and wellbeing conditions dates back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. For over four thousand years various botanicals, herbs and spices have been used for their healing and nutritional benefits in addition to their exquisite taste. All teas contain catechins, powerful antioxidants that help prevent free radical damage from everyday UV and environmental exposure, while healing and repairing damaged/mutated cells within the body. Ultimately, such antioxidants play a vital role in promoting overall good health, wellbeing and may even prevent cancer*.

We have created our signature tisanes to be enjoyed simply as an everyday beveage that can be served hot or cold, infused with fresh fruit or even incorporated as a surprising twist in desserts. However, more specifically, each of our infusions have been carefully and consciously formulated for their respective health benefits to work harmoniously in conjunction with both our Mayella Natural Botanical Skincare and Mayella Nutritionally Empowered Superblends, ultimately offering additional nourishment and support to our inner being in our goal to achieve beautiful skin and optimal wellbeing.

Mayella Botanical & Herbal Tisanes are certified organic with all tisane ingredients either Australian grown or sourced from the global village and are of the highest available quality while ethically and sustainably supporting local independent farmers under fair trade practices.

*Please note that with conditions aside from general health and wellbeing, people are encouraged to consult with a healthcare practitioner to optimise their specific requirements or medical program. 

Organic Hand Crafted & Dried

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