Manna from Heaven aka Sunday Smoothie

Weekend R & R is not difficult to achieve when you live on the Gold Coast, Australia. We are blessed. Although making the time to step out of week day busy mode does require a little more focus, the rewards are great. Fresh air, sunshine, no clock or phones, just the people you love, a smoothie and time to be.

After a leisurely walk on the beach ( winter not winter here on the Goldie ☀️) the whole family were all in the mood for something fresh, thirst quenching & satisfying enough to get us through to Sunday dinner. For a family of four, sometimes making everyone happy is not an easy deal. A healthy smoothie doesn’t always rate high on the list with children or grown ups so having all the good stuff in there and tasting good is the key to success.

It may have been the healthy dose of sunshine and the salt air fuelling my creativity, today’s smoothie love went to a new level of lushness and I have to say ticked all the boxes…

 Tastebud explosion ✅ Hunger satisfaction ✅ visual pleasure ✅ smoothie love ✅ everyone happy ✅

Ok so for this recipe  on the ingredients list are:

Mango, banana, passionfruit, dragonfruit/pitaya – fresh or frozen is always fine however when layering, frozen always works best as frozen adds extra creamy-nenss to the smoothie and the icy fruit compensates for having less liquid in the blend. As well as being deliciously cool and refreshing to drink. Buying up the fruit when its in season and freeze in portion zip lock bags is a good idea.

You can buy your own dragonfruit/pitaya and freeze it and here in Australia we usually use Pink Pitaya frozen take home packs. Handy as you can keep them on hand to use anytime and always delicious. 

Cinnamon powder, vanilla paste, walnuts – always make sure your nuts are fresh! The oils in nuts can go rancid if they are not stored properly or if they are old and besides not tasting nice, they are not good for you. The Doctrine of Signatures gives us the insight to the value of having walnuts in our diet. Clue, don’t “think” about it too much, simply look at the walnuts shape. 

 Coconut yoghurt – there so many great coconut yoghurts on the market now and are a great healthy alternative to dairy as well as giving a beautiful texture and taste. 

Organic apple/pear juice blend – organic is best and you can usually find it any health food store and quite a few supermarkets now are getting into organic lines. You can also make your own with a good juicer such as a Kuving juicer which presses the fruit extracting maximum liquid without destroying nutrient value and keeping some fibre too. You’ll find this kind of juice extraction will keep the juice longer.

Blender – a kitchens best friend, besides the fridge and the oven and a good wooden spoon! Investing in a good blender is one of the best spends ever eg Vitamix, & Thermomix are two of the best/reliable on the market and super easy to use and clean when making a smoothie and much much more!

Mayella organics – Acai Berry Beautiful antioxidant blend & Green Harmony nutritional blends . We usually add 1 teaspoon per single serve smoothie or juice of our nutritional blends and when its a family size mix, make it 2 teaspoons to share the healthy goodness but not overpower the drink.  Our Acai Berry Beautiful is a delicious antioxidant crumble perfect for use in drinks or sprinkled over fruits, cereals, porridge, ice cream and yoghurt. Adding in Green Harmony is a GF, alkalising blend jam packed full of minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients such as chlorophyll and SOD creating a whole food nutritional source for everyone.

Ok so depending on how many people you are blending for, vary the quantity to suit.

First layer – Green

To the blender add 1 banana, 1/2 mango, handful of walnuts, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, 100mls apple/pear juice, 1 heaped teaspoon Mayella Organics Green Harmony nutritional blend. Blend well and pour into glass/es

Middle Layer – White

Let this first layer sit for a moment while you washout the blender jug for the final top layer. Then, gently spoon in a good couple of spoonfuls of coconut yoghurt to cover the green layer but not too much as you will sink!

Final top layer – Pink

To the blender add 1 sachet frozen pink pitaya (or 1/2 pitaya) 1/2 mango, scoop out & add 1 fresh passion fruit, 50 mls apple/pear juice, 1 tablespoon organic vanilla paste, 2 teaspoons Mayella organics Acai Berry Beautiful. Blend and pour slowly over the coconut yoghurt layer. Add fresh fruit  to decorate, straw and a spoon for each glass. Then find a good spot to sit, relax and ENJOY your Sunday Smoothie.

This layered smoothie was super easy peasy & fun to make & out of this world delicious 💕 When you have made it once and realise how easy it is, keep this smoothie handy for after school refuel, weekend breakfast and even as after dinner desert – definitely one to impress someone special.

Yes we ship worldwide from Australia with love for your healthy life and smoothie making pleasure. 😍 

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