When you spread your wings & fly

When you spread your wings & fly - Blog Post by Probioskin

We first heard from Jo when she shared “5 minutes…” with us earlier this year. Here Jo shares with us how her yearning to help others via her seminars and workshops through The Sacred Sister Project, took her on a journey she hadn’t quite anticipated.

My first steps towards flying…..

Began within my own home. I have been questioning everything lately and it all started from writing a blog about “unschooling” for a business website. See my daughter Jaali is “unschooled”; it’s probably the best decision my husband and I have made in quite a while.

It took a lot of research and also a bit of guts to decide to take her out of conventional schooling and let her start her own journey on this path of life.

Take a big breath in, let it all out

“Unschooling” is a very unique non-conventional way of teaching our children. We have to allow Jaali to find her own ways of learning and trust that she can align with her own intuition and find what brings her alive. Take a big breath in, let it all out.

Doesn’t this just sound amazing?   Well at the beginning it was a challenge. I quickly found out that I was still very much stuck in the system myself. I would constantly struggle with the worry of her “not keeping up” with other children her age, missing out on the “fun things at school”, having to answer questions to friends and family about, What were we thinking? How inconsiderate of us and what about when she finishes, what will she do without qualifications? All of these questions and concerns were all very legitimate and we know came from a loving place but also came from a place of fear. We had to start walking on our own; we had to start trusting that what we believed was the right thing for our family.

So what were we thinking?

Fast forward 18 months and we are flying. Jaali has a beautiful teacher that she sees twice a week and they learn together, off each other. She cooks, plays guitar, writes blogs, has a You Tube channel, paints and writes stories. She is the happiest child I know. Jaali can hold her own, in any adult conversation and is very worldly from all the travel she has done. She is confident and speaks her truth; she is a kind sweet 13 year old that knows who she is and where she is going. The only regret that my husband and I have is that we weren’t brave enough to do this for our now 18-year-old son, but because of the change in our mindset around education he now has much more options and a brighter outlook as well. We have seen a huge change in Jaali since doing this and it has only made all of us in our family question life and the systems and beliefs that we are unknowingly placed under when we enter this world. I also would like to clarify, I have no issues with school and education, this worked for my daughter and it may for yours. I have attached an website that has a basic overview of “unschooling” for anyone that wishes to understand it a little more.

When you don’t fit in

So this process has started me questioning everything and boy has that been fun. I’m quickly realising that this is part of my purpose, to not be part of the status quo and find my own way through. This has been an amazing enlightening experience, as it has opened up my intuition in the process and awakened my purpose with teenage girls. I gained all of this momentum and excitement and just started writing a program from my own experiences and also from my own life teachers and put it all together to create The Sacred Sister Project. I haven’t stopped, the flow on from my own excitement has been huge, I have loads of support and so much love from so many avenues and it just feels so right.

My heart is full and open

So I suppose what I’m trying to say in this little story, is along with my very sweet husband we decided to unclip our daughters wings and allow her to fly on her own and in the process unwittingly unclip my own and allowed myself to soar. My heart is full and open and I am confident and ready to take on this wonderful expedition we call life. Our lessons can come in the most of unlikely places and also be hidden from our stubbornness; sometimes we just need to get out of our own way to unleash our selves…to fly! 



Jo Hendy xx

Since realising her vision in founding The Sacred Sister Project, Jo has been in full flight organising and delivering seminars and workshops for 2017 at Essence of Living Yoga Studio on the Gold Coast. Jo speaks publicly at events and facilitates empowerments for girls and women through her programs and workshops found here, at The Sacred Sister Project

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