Smoothie Soup for Brain Power

Enjoying highly nutritious wholefoods can make you more productive and handle stress better.

“Smoothie Soup” is my go to special smoothie recipe for those days where the brain power & endurance are critical factors in getting through the day 🍹 Its important to eat well on days where you are super busy or have a tight schedule to get through, but…you don’t always feel like a meal, or want to have to grab food/junk as you’re in a hurry. A smoothie is the perfect answer and if it doesn’t suit to be making it at work, just make it at home and take it with you. This recipe only gets better as it ages a couple of hours or overnight, as the Chis Seeds absorb fluid and change into tiny crunchy jelly like bites.

Make this healthy recipe for the days where you need to keep your brain & focus on track. Not only is it good for your brain, its great for your skin too!

Smoothie Soup Recipe:

Into the blender go

✨Banana – fiber, Vit C, B6, potassium & lots of lovely other minerals, helps curbs hunger

✨Goji berries – antioxidants & nutrients that improve mental focus, calmness, reduce fatigue, immune boosting properties

✨Mayella®  Acai Berry Beautiful – antioxidants & anthocyanins for energy & immune system vitality. The tiny berries  in our antioxidant blend have a huge positive boost to your body’s free radical defence. Free radicals thrive in stress situations, so the more stress you have the more antioxidants you need. Make it 2 heaped tspns of Acai Berry Beautiful!

✨Chia seeds omega3’s, protein, source of calcium & fiber, curbs hunger

✨Mayella® Nourish Nutritional blend – alkalising, clean carbs & protein, high levels chlorophyll & minerals like iron, chromium, zinc supports energy / endurance reducing fatigue & supporting you nutritionally  without getting hunger cravings = no lost time away from the desk or grabbing that donut for “energy” Nourish is dairy, sugar and Gluten Free. 100% completely plantbased with absolutely no fillers or bulking agents like maltodextrin, only pure, concentrated superfoods Barley Grass, Wheat Grass, Alfalfa, Oat Grass, Maca & Licorice to optimise your body function.

✨Coconut Water – extra hydration & makes a light style smoothie as compared to a milk base which is yummy but more creamy & heavier so may slow you down a bit. Depending on how fast you metabolise, milk of choice base may suit you better.

✨Walnuts – brain food ! Look at their shape & think cerebellum peeps. Lots of minerals & omega 3’s to keep your brain on track as well as your liver & heart healthy. 

Add extra ice if you want it to be more chilled. Blend, pour and enjoy! I know in the glass below its not a pretty green or pink smoothie and why I call it “smoothie soup” but believe it or not this is a super delicious smoothie with taste, texture & satisfaction guaranteed 👌🏻 Happy productivity! 

Smoothie Soup for Brain Power - Blog Post by Probioskin

Smoothies for Brain Power

All of our superfoods nutritional blends are made here in Australia by us, with Australian grown ingredients or sourced sustainably, fairtrade from their indigenous country around the globe. Remember, we ship global by courier daily for your good health, in love and light Amanda xx

5 minutes with…Jaymie Faber And the healthy fun starts here – with smoothie bowl 101
5 minutes with…Jaymie Faber
And the healthy fun starts here – with smoothie bowl 101

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