Skin Health Part 6 – Immunity

The importance of positive daily habits for skin immunity – priceless!
Probioskin have created with Mayella™ Organics a holistic system of support to building and maintaining a healthy, vibrant, balanced Self. Essential minerals and antioxidants vital for good skin immunity are found abundantly in Mayella™ nutritional blends & tisanes – let food be your medicine and medicine be your food we say or was that Hippocrates?
We are constantly drawing on our own professional clinical experience and network of colleagues in a recommending a gentle programme of mentoring and coaching with practical ways in which to enjoy the wealth of health.

We mentioned in Skin Health Part 1, our Skin is our interface between the outside environment and our inner world. As such the skin is constantly translating the environment we are in as we move about in an effort to assist the body to regulate, survive and thrive. Exposed to and bombarded with environmental stresses and insults such as UV, perfumes, heat and cold to name a few of the million things in our day. Ancient health systems teach us to approach Skin health and immunity holistically, inside with diet, exercise, rest, meditation and out with natural botanical topical applications, for protection, true beauty and a lifetime of health and wellness.

The foundation of healthy skin is built on the premise of always using natural skin care with no toxic chemicals or preservatives, no artificial fragrances or mineral oils to clog and congest your skin. These unnecessary unnatural ingredients increase the workload on the skin matrix and suppressing the skins immunity and ability to maintain its own natural protective layer, the acid mantle. Many toxic ingredients are slowly being banned – yay, but there are many unhealthy ingredients still being used in cosmetics.
Mayella™ Organics is formulated on the basis of holistic skin health and healthy engagement with the skin matrix. Clean bioactive formulations feeding and nourishing the skin so it can do what it does to its best potential. Our principle of layering botanical concentrates enables each individual on a daily basis to address the day-to-day condition of their skin.

Skin Health Part 6 - Immunity - Blog Post by Probioskin

Every day is an opportunity to live brighter

Everyday you have the opportunity to nourish and nurture in little ways that build more resilience and and strength in your being, with your skin, so the hard days aren’t quite as hard and getting over them is easier.
Monthly cycles for Women can sometimes mean more demands on the immunity and health of our skin. Being proactive with a little TLC intervention and building up the reserve tank of fuel will help in managing monthly fluctuations and help to avoid adrenal fatigue and physical depletion. Period pain is a real pain and a more stressful time for women who experience heavy flow, have conditions such as PSO or endometriosis. Holistically supporting your body and skin daily but in particular, leading up to peak times such as ovulation and bleed, with holistic nutrition can make a world of difference.
Skin conditions reflecting low immunity or barrier compromise such as dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, herpes simplex 1 & 2, shingles similarly, can be improved and managed with a holistic approach to health.
A sign of weakened skin immunity and struggling auto immune system, can be seen with a rash, itchy skin or an outbreak of Herpes simplex. Herpes 1 can trigger with monthly cycles, times of increased or prolonged mental and emotional stress, physical illness and with nutritional deficiencies. The same principle applies with establishing positive daily habits of Self care and love for greater wellbeing and to ease the intensity and reactiveness of living on the edge of outbreaks or during the painful days of an outbreak.

Looking after my mind and body to create greater wellbeing in my life makes me happy

Day to day stresses and the general pace of life can leave us depleted and breathless. Daily internal immunity and health can be found sipping on a herbal tisane and a daily green juice or smoothie to provide vital nutritional support – both alkalising and anti-inflammatory, helping to build beautiful blood helps to moderate and balance when the body is sensitised and reactive.
For centuries Tea has been a tonic for health and wellness for the whole family. Mayella™ Skin Tomic is a as the name suggests, a tonic for the skin. A natural source of minerals and herbs perfectly attuned to detox, calm and clear congestion, gently providing nutrients synergistic with building healthy cells and aligning body functions. Mayella™ Rest Easy tones and soothes the adrenal glands and nervous system when we are tense and anxious, refreshing energy levels and bringing a lttle zen to the soul.
A cup of herbal tea always soothes mind and body.

Skin Health Part 6 - Immunity - Blog Post by Probioskin

Nurture the body with a daily alkalizing, anti-inflammatory Nutritional blend such as
Nourish supporting hormone function and flow, destressing a wound up or tight body, building blood, providing easily absorbed and assimilated essential nutrients
– or Alkalise Green & Go
anti-inflammatory and alkalising, building blood, detoxing a sluggish system, providing easily absorbed and assimilated essential nutrients in an overloaded body.
Never underestimate the power of a green smoothie!

Make time for the things that matter – you

Following a daily skincare routine with our 5 minute Mantra AM & PM creates time with Self and ensures you are feeding your skin with nutrients to moderate, repair, soothe those triggers that may lead to an outbreak. Even in the busiest of lives, 5 minutes is easy time management and will be the critical turning point to achieving healthy skin. The carefully combined mindful ingredients in Mayella™ bioactive skincare promote vibrancy, cellular health and regulation, improving cellular immunity and resilience.
– Pure organic aromatherapy essential oils provide natural aroma and are healing, help to calm neural sensitivities, are antiseptic, antiviral and anti-inflammatory.
– Herbal and native plant extracts have antiviral activity and build immunity, potentially inhibiting the cell damaging effects of skin stresses such as UV radiation, H.simplex and break out. Botanical bioactives building a healthy skin matrix and barrier against attack.

Mayella Skincare - Skin Health Part 6 - Immunity - Blog Post by Probioskin

– Vitamins and minerals naturally present help to build strong cells, structural skin health and resilience, regulate function and facilitate repair against oxidative stress and viral activity.
– Omega EFA’s to help with inflammation & tissue repair, helping to reduce sensitivity and dryness.

Tenderness and painful bumps on the chin, cold sores, breakout and redness can be supported daily through adjusting your Mayella™ skincare routine.
– try AM & PM application of skin care to stop and reduce breakout
– using Vitamin B Active with Vitamin C Lift AM to break the inflammation cycle and boost skin resilience and immunity.
– with Vitamin A Night Serum PM to heal and reduce inflammation and repair.

Mayella™ concentrated botanical skincare is superfood for your skin and when applied daily is bringing skin loving ingredients that enhance natural beauty, to repair and protect your skin – actively.

Mayella™ every drop is precious!

Mayella Skincare - Skin Health Part 6 - Immunity - Blog Post by Probioskin

5 Minutes with…Lillian Rose 5 Minutes with…. Jo Hendy
5 Minutes with…Lillian Rose
5 Minutes with…. Jo Hendy

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