Skin Health 4 – Exercise

Exercise is not a dirty word!
Show your body some love, put your kicks on and move a little.

To love your body is to love one self enough to respect your body’s need to exercise, move, groove. With our clinical experience over many years, there is one saying that consistently proves true – move it or lose it! So many of our body functions benefit from movement. Our lymphatic system for example, is pumped and moved around and through our cells and tissues as we move. Movement activates and tones our muscles and stops them from wasting away. Bone density is improved and maintained with movement – muscles moving the skeleton, encouraging efficient circulation and nerve communication as the muscles massage and pump against the bones. Its team work at its best when you see how body movement occurs.

Dance like nobody’s watching
Research shows that 60 minutes of walking or dancing twice a week dramatically improves feelings of wellbeing, builds healthy muscles and maintains strong bones, improves circulation, helps you sweat (healthy elimination of toxins) and is anti-ageing both in mind and body.
Then there’s yoga, pilates, swimming, cycling, tai chi, so many ways to exercise with the key being to find a physical movement you enjoy and stick to it. The benefits to your body, state of health, both mental and physical wellness, are huge!
For some people, finding the right group or even right time of day can make sticking with regular exercise so easy. Being in a class or group, going with a friend can be social and a fun way to meet people or get out of your everyday click. For some exercise is about time out and a chance to focus on Self. I have a few friends who love to run after work as their “debrief” from the day and blow out the mental merry go round of thinking, nothing gets you centred, clear and back in your body like exercise.
Being consistent with exercise is the key to changing your body for the better, even 30 minutes a day has been shown to improve general fitness and wellbeing. This could be choosing to enjoy walking or cycling to work and leaving the car at home a few days. Exercise and lowering your weekly carbon footprint – boom!

Skin Health 4 - Exercise - Blog Post by Probioskin

My Body is a wonderland

How does exercise contribute to having healthy skin? In every way! Sweating is so good for your skin, opening pores eliminating toxins and letting your skin breathe. Circulation improves with increase in heart rate and floods through your blood vessels down to the tiny fine little capillaries that trace through the layers of the dermis bringing nutrients and carrying away toxins. Exercise expands the body – opens up pathways, brings circulation to the peripherals, literally from your head to your toes! Its like doing housework for your body but much more fun not only because it does feel good to be moving your body, as the blood starts pumping you trigger a series of neural functions releasing pleasure chemicals such as endorphins and dopamine that flood our brain and body with happiness. A natural high!

What you workout, you need to put back in

To hydrate before and during exercise, then to replenish post is vital to giving your self maximum health building benefits. If you imagine your body fluids as a river, to keep the water flowing crystal clear and full to the banks, you need to hydrate. If you exercise when well hydrated, you support your body to access energy and flush burnt energy from cells and tissues effectively, building healthy cells, muscle,etc If the water is running low in the river and a bit murky as in starting your exercise dehydrated…get the picture?
Recovery with the right fuel on a cellular level by replacing electrolytes and phytonutrients post exercise, is key to feeling great instead of tired or washed out after exercise. A simple way to refuel, nourish and nurture after exercise without eating a heavy meal, is to make a green smoothie. Concentrated nutrition in a glass and a delicious way to maximise foodie/tastebud pleasure in a balanced, light and easy low carb, high clean green energy drink.

Skin Health 4 - Exercise - Blog Post by Probioskin

Easy Peasy Refuel Green Smoothie Recipe
1 heaped teaspoon Mayella™ Alkalise Green & Go, Green Harmony or Nourish
1 fresh or frozen banana
3 Medjool Dates, pitted
Small handful of walnuts or almonds
300ml chilled milk of choice – cow, rice, almond, soy, oat
Add together in blender and make sure it is mixed well. Serve with a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg on top and enjoy!

5 Minutes with…Tanya Goldie Naturopath  5 Minutes with…Jenni Madison from Coconut Magic
5 Minutes with…Tanya Goldie Naturopath 
5 Minutes with…Jenni Madison from Coconut Magic

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