Skin Health Part 2 – Drink

“I thought how lovely and how strange a river is. A river is a river, always there, and yet the water flowing through it is never the same water and is never still. It’s always changing and is always on the move” Aiden Chambers – This is All: The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn.

There are many simple things we can do daily to positively nourish and nurture our skin. What we choose to put in our bodies on a daily basis and let go of will have a powerful influence on our health and wellbeing, water being the most simple and yet highly valuable ingredient of all.

Drinking 1-2litres of H2O daily

Clean preferably filtered water keeps our whole Being happy,and supporting vital body functions on a cellular level and for our systems eg blood and lymphatics.
We are 70% fluids and maintaining this level of fluidity is vital to staying healthy. Every function in our body requires H20 for optimal performance. Being dehydrated creates a stress and compensation situation in our body. Dehydration for example can lead to tiredness, mental fatigue, constipation, blood pressure and ultimately quite serious conditions such as heart failure.
As with the river flowing with water full to its banks creating a healthy eco system, our bodily fluids form the basis of our inner health eco system – drinking steadily throughout the day to keep the fluids that comprise our blood plasma and lymph fluids and bathe our tissues flowing. Forgetting then drinking huge volumes of water makes you feel bloated and usually passes through too quickly to satisfy cellular hydration.
When we hydrate we are actively performing the best anti-aging treatment there is, drastically improving our health maintenance and own natural preventative medicine practice. Water is gold!

One vital function for healthy skin is good elimination.

Having a diet with good daily plant fibre, being hydrated to our cells, and regular physical movement, more effectively eliminates toxins from our cells, our blood, our tissues, our gut. Yes that means poo regularly! Every time we burn energy, we create toxins that need to be eliminated out of our system either by breathing, sweating, urine or poo. The more toxic we get the harder it is for our body to function properly, our blood and lymphatic systems become sludgy and less vital, toxins get stored in our fat cells showing as cellulite and weight gain leading to obesity. The skin expresses this toxicity with breakout, some types of acne, rashes, sensitivity, redness, flushing, dullness and congestion. Drinking water as well as other beverages (drink tea, juices, smoothies etc,but count your water intake seperately) regularly throughout the day maintains the level of hydration our cells need to stay vital. A simple way to indicate if you are hydrated is the colour and smell of your wee. Clear and only a slight not unpleasant smell lets you know you are fairly well hydrated – well done! Colour above a shade of champagne and a not so pleasant smell, not so hydrated and your body would be a lot happier with more water please. If your wee is constantly dark and smelly, your body is overloaded, struggling to detox, acidic and dehydrated. It would be wise to see your health practitioner as there may be something going on that would be healthy to address.
Our Skin eliminates too, wearing products on our skin that form a film such as mineral oils found in some skincare and heavy make up make it harder for our skin to breathe, perspire and eliminate via the natural sebum our skin purposely creates for our skin surface protection forming the acid mantle. This fake film can create a trap for toxins and product to build up in the skin matrix. Skin tip – never go to bed with the dirt of the day on your skin!

Build your Skin immunity

This is truly an inside and out job! Skin immunity is important for everyone to consider as part of their daily Self love. Building Skin immunity from the inside connects with diet and hydration. A balanced diet supplies a a variety of nutrients and keeps the endless production of healthy cells going strong. Building healthy vital cells that have the energy and structure to create strong, supple beautiful skin. Our skin map shows the intricate layers of the skin, with good circulation and lymph flow being vital to nourishing and bathing your skin matrix.
There is a world of evidence supporting the benefits of a daily green smoothie for all the benefits of building healthy cells and gently detoxing your body plus it couldn’t get any easier or a more delicious way to enjoy raw, nutrient dense nutrition.

Of equal importance is what you give your skin to wear. Skin care, makeup, sunscreens are intimate with your skin and have a lot to say about the condition and appearance of your skin and its immunity. The focus of Mayella™ skincare is to feed your skin in the same way your green smoothie is feeding your body – with concentrated phytonutrients nourishing and nurturing your skin daily in a simple yet effective way.

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