Mayella ® Isoprene6™


marine squalene

Pure unadulterated 6 isoprene antioxidant
essential to vitality by assisting cellular health,
optimising organ and system productivity,
oxygenating the bloodstream and offering
protection to human cells from harmful
everyday free radical exposure.



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Mayella ® Isoprene6™ - Product Description

Mayella ® Isoprene6™

Consciously harvested to obtain optimal nutritional value, Mayella ® Isoprene6™ is a natural  daily nutritional source that is highly recommended for all women, men, teens and children.

Marine Squalene is an isoprenoid antioxidant that helps protect human cells from the damaging effects of everyday free radicals and environmental insults and is often referred to as the human antioxidant.

Raw materials are sourced from unpolluted territories of New Zealand to ensure premium quality and utilize time tested storage and handling of the raw oil extracts. The quality of the finished product is only as good as its raw material and many Companies cut manufacturing costs by procuring raw Squalene from questionable Oceans. ® has been a pioneer in dietary Squalene research and development. Years of research has produced the finest quality product formula for the highest level Squalene iP6. Utilising fully automated state of the art technology for extracting from the fresh fish liver oil and an exclusive super critical distillation process to produce the purest natural dietary Squalene. The precious oil is encapsulated in specially formulated vegan gelatin capsules developed over many years of perfection to ensure compatibility and stability with pure Squalene.


Dietary Health Supplement

Take morning or night.

As a daily antioxidant source take 2 capsules of Mayella ® Isoprene6™ morning or night with a glass of filtered water. Best taken before meal.

Store in a cool dry place below 30°C / 86°F. Keep away from direct light.

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Pure Natural Ingredients

Raw ingredient sourced from the unpolluted waters of New Zealand to ensure premium quality, precise handling and storage of the raw oil extracts. Fully automated state of the art technology used for extraction and encapsulated in specially formulated gelatine capsules to ensure compatibility and stability of raw oil extract.

100% Pure, unadulterated ingredients.

Ingredients: Squalene iP6, Vegetal Glycerine, Gelatin

Isoprene6™ is not a vegan product, squalene is sustainability sourced from wild fish!

Nutritional summary for this product coming soon.

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