Mayella ® Ginger Kisses Tisane

Mayella Ginger Kisses Tisane Organic Vegan Palm oil free


ginger | lemongrass | hibiscus

Organic hand crafted botanicals and herbs are carefully dried and combined for an earthy tisane with a slight tanginess to warm and uplift the senses. A grounding blend that helps to promote circulation, stimulate digestion and support the immune system.





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Mayella ® Ginger Kisses Tisane - Product Description

Mayella ® Ginger Kisses Tisane

An infusion of Certified Organic and Handcrafted dried botanicals and herbs specially blended for a remedial tea experience where every sip is pure bliss. 

Assisting digestion with improved blood flow and vitality. The brain and digestive system are top of the list with blood flow and energy requirements and therefore, improved circulation will aid the digestive functions that are necessary for efficient absorption and elimination.

Mayellar ® Ginger kisses will lift digestive activity with herbs that support both function and processes from the stomach through to the bowel. A gently warming tea, high in Vitamin C and a soothing gentle spice flavour. Mayella ® Ginger Kisses is delicious served hot or cold over ice or with kombucha or mineral water.

Source and sustainability

Mayella ® Herbal Tisanes are 100% organic, clean, vegan loose leaf teas. Blended and made by us here in Australia for you with the ultimate in good health in mind. We source globally from the optimal geographic destinations, and it is our privilege to work with growers of fairtrade and sustainable origins. You will savour the difference with Mayella ®.


Add 1 teaspoon per serving of loose leaf tisane into a teapot or coffee press and add boiling water. Let steep for 5 minutes so as to infuse well and strain. Sit, unwind and enjoy the taste and aromatics of your Mayella ® Ginger Kisses Tisane.

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Mayella ® Ginger Kisses Tisane

Organic handcrafted botanicals and herbs careful dried and combined with love.

Ginger Root – Blood warming, stimulates digestion, boosts immune system.
Lemongrass – Clearing, tonifying, anti-fungal, decongesting.
Hibiscus – Rich in anthocyanins (antioxidants), lowers & manages high blood pressure, prevents chronic inflammation and assists to reverse the effects of ageing.
Calendula – Anti-inflammatory, heals & repairs, clearing, tonifying, promotes blood flow.

All ingredients are sourced from the global village and are of the highest available quality while ethically and sustainably supporting local independent farmers under fair trade practices.

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