Mayella Bamboo Straw Juice Set Brush

Mayella natural bamboo juice straw set with brush


Made from 100% natural Bamboo, our juice straw is perfect for sipping iced tea, water, juice, mineral waters.

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Mayella Bamboo Straw Juice Set Brush - Product Description

Made from 100% natural Bamboo, our Juice straw is perfect for sipping on liquid beverages such as a juice, cold tea, water or carbonated drinks such as mineral water.

No Chemicals are used during the production of our bamboo smoothie straws.

The bamboo is harvested from provinces of the northern mountainous regions of Vietnam where bamboo grows prolifically.
Once harvested, the bamboo stalks are cut to specific length and with hand tools, each end of the straw is smoothed off so they are user friendly.
The straw is then boiled in water, oven dried, then to finish dried completely in the sunshine. The brush is easy to keep clean and use over and over.


  • Reusable
  • Sustainable
  • Can be used everyday for iced beverages, water, cold tea and juices.
  • With a soft fibre cleaning brush, these straws are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Air dry on dish rack.
  • Set of four natural bamboo straws with soft fibre brush.

Care Instructions:
Hand wash your bamboo Straw in warm soapy water using your straw brush to clean inside the straw.

If the brush feels like it is tight inside the straw. give it a bit of a twist as you move it out of the straw.
If possible, rinse the Straw straight after use.
Not suited for a microwave, oven or other forms of extreme heat such as a dish washer or very hot food.

Made sustainably and ethically in Vietnam.

Rinse after use if possible. Wash in warm soapy water using eco brush to clean inside. Rinse before air drying.

Additional information

Weight0.02 kg

100% natural Bamboo sustainably sourced and made in Vietnam.

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