Mayella ® Cleansing Serum


jojoba | sweet almond | lemon

Organic bio-active ingredients combine for a
pH balanced revitalising and conditioning
cleansing serum, enhanced with the antioxidant
and anti-inflammatory benefits of vitamin C and
complimented with the aromatic freshness and
clearing benefits of pure citrus.




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Mayella ® Cleansing Serum - Product Description

Mayella ® Cleansing Serum

Enhanced with the active benefits of aromatherapy pure essential oils, Mayella ® Cleansing Serum has been formulated containing certified organic and bio-active botanicals. A vegan, 100% plantbased daily cleanser that is suitable for all skin types, women, men and teens.

Effectively and gently removes make-up, sunscreen, excess oils, environmental pollution and dirt that congests your skin by the end of the day. Importantly, Mayella ® Cleansing Serum does this without stripping natural oils or destroying the acid mantle. The acid mantle is a naturally existing invisible film generated by your skin that is vital in protecting your skin from the environment. It is important for everyone to use skin care that supports and maintains the natural acid mantle of their skin to protect against environmental insults such as Ultra Violet (UV) rays, Blue light and LED’s, moisture loss, germs, chemicals and dirt that the skin can be exposed to throughout the day.

Particularly gentle and suitable for use as a cleanser for everyday use for all skin types. Mayella ® Cleansing Serum is the ideal cleanser for use with inflammatory and sensitive skin conditions such as excema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea. Non comedogenic and calming.
With auto-immune system disorders the skin can struggle to maintain tissue strength and condition. This can appear as tired, dull skin, lesions, inflamed spots or welts, breakout, capillary damage or spider lines. These skin conditions can struggle with daily environmental stresses and the usual skin care products found on the supermarket shelf. Using our Mayella ® Cleansing Serum as a daily cleanser will be calming and healing to such conditions. With daily use our cleansing serum will support improvement of immune system disorders affecting skin cell and tissue integrity.

Even skins that suffer with allergies to many topical use products will find relief and improvement with daily use of Mayella ® Cleansing Serum. From client testimonials, Auto immune conditions for example such as Rosacea, Lupus, Chronic fatigue have appreciated the gentleness without compromising effectiveness of this cleanser. Using our Mayella ® Cleansing Serum as a daily cleanser will be instantly soothing and can be calming and healing to skin affected by these conditions.

Perfect for Men as a wet shave medium to minimise shaving irritation, sensitivity and redness leaving skin smooth and calm. Mayella ® Cleansing Serum is the ideal beard cleanser and conditioner. Addictive for active fitness and sports people to keep in your gym kit to effectively cleanse away the sweat and acidic wastes expired by your skin after training and exercise. Leaving your skin supple, fresh, breathing.

Source and sustainability

Mayella ® Natural and Botanical Skinfoods and Make up are 100% pure, clean, vegan skin care. Made by us here in Australia for you with the ultimate in good health in mind. Gluten free, animal cruelty free, dairy free and no petrochemicals, harsh alcohols, parabens, palm oils, nano particles, GMO’s, needless fillers or inert bulking agents. Just concentrated bioactive skin foods as Mother Nature intended with a little help from alchemical science and us to get them to you, in your daily life. We source globally from the optimal geographic destinations, boutique producers and it is our privilege to work with growers of fairtrade and sustainable origins. Your skin will show the difference with Mayella ®.


Step 1 – Cleanse

Use morning or night.

Shake bottle well and apply 1 – 2 pumps of cleansing serum onto the palm of damp hands. Rub hands together and apply cleansing serum over the entire face and neck. Massage gently, circulating well into the surface of the skin. Add a small amount of warm water if required and continue massage until the cleanser is well worked into the skin. Remove cleanser with a soft wet face cloth or Mayella™ fibre cloth and pat dry.

Face and neck will be left fresh, clean, relaxed and ready for Step 2 – Exfoliate.

Store in a cool dry place below 30°C / 86°F.

Women: If you are wearing make-up you may wish to use a double cleanse method to ensure firstly, make-up and excess oil is thoroughly removed and secondly, your skin receives the full conditioning results of our cleansing serum.

Men: If you have a beard or moustache, massage well into the base of your facial hair. Additionally, our cleansing Serum works as wonderful medium for a wet shave.

Sunscreen Use Mayella ® Cleansing Serum to gently and effectively remove sunscreen, especially waterproof sunscreens. Formulated to dissolve and lift sunscreen from your skin leaving your skin soft, fresh, radiant and most importantly – clean!

Additional information



Natural Botanical Ingredients

Containing certified organic bioactive botanicals and aromatherapy pure essential oils of the highest quality sourced ethically and formulated with love in Australia. Plantbased, vegan formulations free of GMO, palm oil, and are animal cruelty free.

Olivane™* – Assists in cellular hydration, renewal and restoration of immune suppression
Jojoba Oil* – Effectively hydrates and protects the skin cells
Sweet Almond Oil* – Soothes and nourishes with essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals
Vitamin C – An essential nutrient with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
Pure Lemon* – Cleansing, clearing and anti-bacterial while strengthening connective tissues

* Certified Organic Ingredients. All other ingredients are classified as naturally organic minerals, vitamins or compounds.

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