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Mayella® Nutritionally Empowered Superblends are made in Australia and complete the modern diet and lifestyle. Raw, unadulterated superfoods combine for power packed formulations containing a full spectrum of phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids and vegan proteins.

Everyone needs to enhance their diet because today’s farming practices, food processing methods and hectic chemical filled lifestyles all contribute to the missing nutrients in a modern diet. Yes, your body is amazing but it can only function to its potential for so long with incomplete nutrition or no nutrition as with a diet based on processed foods. Conditions* such as obesity, diabetes, auto immune syndromes, childhood behavioural and learning difficulties and problematic skin are rapidly rising on a global scale. All of these conditions can be linked to diet and nutrition either directly or indirectly and improving diet can ultimately play a significant role in assisting, managing and overcoming many health conditions.

As we introduce our Mayella ® Nutritionally Empowered Superblends we are referring in part to a group of highly alkalising and nutritious foods that include young cereal shoots, algae, ancient herbs, traditional superfoods and renowned wholefoods that are carefully and specifically sourced, formulated and manufactured to our ethical standards. The health benefits are due in part to the
– bioavailability
– concentration and
– natural balance
of the 100% plant sourced phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids and vegan proteins All naturally present in these nutrient dense organically grown plants. The complete profiles of compatible nutrients means optimal digestion and absorption while the body continues to function, perform, coordinate, repair and create.

Mayella ® own Nutritionally Empowered Superblends contain 100% certified organic, vegan and gluten free unadulterated concentrates with no fillers, bulking agents or inert substances. All ingredients are either Australian grown or sourced as fair trade from the global village. Importantly are of the highest available quality while ethically and sustainably supporting local independent farmers under fair trade practices.

From our many years of clinical practice in Health and Wellness, we have formulated our own whole food nutritional blends. For those in need due to health requirements or personal preference, we also offer Mayella ® Single Origin gluten free individual powders:
– Barley Grass
– Wheat Grass
– Alfalfa Grass

*Please note that with conditions aside from general health and wellbeing, people are encouraged to consult with a healthcare practitioner to optimise their specific requirements or medical program. 


No Fillers, Bulking Agents or GMO's

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