Mayella ® Natural Botanical Skincare

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Mayella ® Natural Botanical Skincare is the creation of beautiful infusions balancing the highest quality bio-active organic botanical extracts and wild crafted pure aromatherapy essential oils to create unique skincare formulations that provide your skin with love through cellular support and nourishment.

Our products are sympathetic to the natural functions of your skin, working in harmony to sustain the integrity and vitality of the skin matrix. Packed with phytonutrients that are high in vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to feed your skin cells much the way in which we feed our bodies a healthy diet to perform at their peak.

Mayella Natural Botanical Skincare formulations are pure, unadulterated concentrates with no harmful chemicals or synthetics. Less is more when using our skincare and through layering our products we achieve optimal communication with the skin matrix to perform 5 key functions, which we introduce as our™
5-step skincare mantra: Cleanse | Exfoliate | Vitamise | Nourish | Protect.

To nourish and nurture your skin in its daily requirements is our mission. To do this we believe in the Alchemy of Nature and Science – not one without the other, to create a bioactive and chemical free skincare range to support a lifetime of beautiful healthy skin.

Our heroine ingredient Olivane ™ is the foundation ingredient in each of our products. Developed by Probioskin as a unique formulation, it plays a vital role in active cellular function, nourishment, hydration, renewal and healing. Additionally, we incorporate Olivane ™ throughout our skincare range to effectively deliver and enhance the bio-active benefits of unadulterated organic botanical extracts and pure aromatherapy essential oils infusions.

Pure unadulterated concentrates

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