Moments with Lisa Brown a Creative Inspiration

Lisa Brown lives with her family on the Gold Coast, Australia, designing and creating her globally recognised brand Lisa Brown Designs A gorgeous woman, friend and colleague, we asked Lisa if she would “take 5” and share a little about herself….

Bio: From humble beginnings, Lisa Brown’s own love of fashion continues to blossom into her burgeoning business. The eponymous label was originally born from Lisa’s passion and creative flair in creating her own individual fashion looks. Inspired by vintage collectables, fluid fabrics and the unusually beautiful that Lisa finds in the most unlikely places, Lisa was often approached to find out “where she got that” from curious, fashion savvy individuals.

Commissioned originally to create one off pieces for clients, Lisa’s designs were winning “word of mouth” acclaim and in summer 2006, Lisa embarked upon her biggest challenge to date, the launch of an exclusive, limited edition collection. Lisa has turned a passionate hobby into a fledgling fashion empire with stores all around Australia now stocking her ‘Australian made’ label. Her signature designs are individual, feminine and feel as beautiful on the skin as they look on the body. A combination of hand washable silks, exquisite detail and generous use of fabric, Lisa Brown is a label that women of all ages, shapes and sizes will love to wear.

Lisa’s designs have graced catwalks at Sydney Fashion Week, won the Supreme Award at the NRA Australia Fashion awards and are regularly lauded by fashion press but more importantly to Lisa; real women, who chose fashion that reflects their own unique individuality and style – just like her.

Beautiful Lisa has an ancestry of English, Scottish and Irish which you can see in her blue eyes, blonde hair and fair skin. Living an active life balancing family, business, travel, surfing and social commitments, Lisa relies on a simple but effective skin & health care routine.

Moments with Lisa Brown a Creative Inspiration - Blog Post by Probioskin

For her Probioskin® daily skin care routine we recommend for Lisa:

Morning Routine

Cleansing Serum:
Our Citrus based cleanser suits perfectly Lisa’s fair skin, gently and effectively cleansing after a nights rest and in the morning to remove her sunscreen if she has been outdoors walking her dog on the beach or surfing. Leaving her skin soft and fresh, ready for Vitamin Serums and Moisturising.

AHA Exfoliating Whip
Perfect in the morning after cleansing for an effective polish and leaving a radiant glow when Lisa has an intense day ahead. Use in alternation to AHA Exfoliating Serum.

AHA Exfoliating Serum

Apply after cleansing with our Gentle Cleansing Serum as a daily skin treatment smoothing skin cells and for deep hydration and repair. Tip: on alternative mornings use with AHA Exfoliating Whip to polish with our AHA Exfoliating Serum as the perfect between seasons exfoliation ritual to keep skin vital, smooth and youthful.

Mult Vitamin Whip

Applying directly after Cleanse or Exfoliation, this is a light in weight but heavy in its role as a protective daytime moisturiser. Perfect when used as a primer under make up application. For Lisa with her fine and fair skin, we recommend 1-2 pumps of followed by Vitamin C & Vitamin B Active for ultimate daytime skin love.

Vitamin C Lift Serum and Vitamin B Active Lotion
In the morning for anti- ageing, and antioxidant repair, hydration and reducing fine lines. Application of 1 spray Vitamin C Lift Serum under 1 pump of Vitamin B Active Lotion gently massaged in keeps Lisa’s skin fresh, dewy and balanced with or without make up, looking and feeling amazing.

Mineral Make Upba

Natural Mineral Liquid Foundation compact and Mineral Loose Powder Foundation in colour match of Milk & Honey complete a simple and effective take Lisa anywhere day or night make up routine. Mineral make up that lets her skin breathe whilst giving perfect coverage for photo’s at professional events or fashion evenings.

Alkalise Green & Go
Lisa’s life is constantly busy with her international business, beautiful family and many fashion and social commitments. Our Mayella® Alkalise Green & Go is a perfect match for Lisa. The combination of alkalising greens, ginger and lemon offers a constant defence against ageing free radical damage and a daily gentle detox. Supporting metabolic functions and digestion while gently cleansing so even when Lisa doesn’t have the time for exercise, her body is fine tuning and being fully supported on a nutritional level. When you are the centre of a young family and a business that is creative but committed to deadlines, you don’t have time to be sick or too tired. The energy of a daily Green drink, with an abundance of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and phytonutrients is a delicious start to her day or an afternoon energy pick up. Lisa’s personal time out and connection to her creative spirit is surfing and walking her dog on the beach. The 5 minutes it takes her to blend her favourite green smoothie or simply shake and go with her green drink means she is out the door making the most of an early morning date with the beach and a sunrise.

Evening Routine

Cleansing Serum

Never go to bed with the dirt of the day on your face! Effectively cleansing off her working day using Mayella® Cleansing Serum with (two cleanses gives skin a spring clean daily without drying) or without make up (one cleanse is perfect) in the evening,

AHA Exfoliating Serum
After cleansing with our Gentle Cleansing Serum and on alternative evenings smoothing skin texture and supporting hydration in the skin matrix. When used in conjunction with AHA Exfoliating Whip to polish and our AHA Exfoliating Serum deep hydration and repair at those times skin feels tired and sluggish – deadlines!

AHA Exfoliating Whip

A minimum of 3 times a week in the evenings works well for Lisa and for most people to gently polish skin smooth and encourage new cell growth.

Vitamin A Night Serum
Over the AHA Exfoliating Serum, Mayella® Vitamin A for Lisa is deeply hydrating, anti-ageing and encourages healthy new cell growth and an even youthful skin texture.

Olivane Repair Serum – Infusion Rose
The supreme antioxidant and moisturising serum for overnight repair and cellular renewal. A treatment in a bottle, ® Olivane Repair Serum – Infusion Rose is deeply hydrating and is balancing to the skin from the impact of lifestyle stresses and free radical damage. Our fine as silk Serum absorbs quickly into the layers of the dermis and with pure Damascus Rose, is an aromatic bliss moment at the end of the day.

You will see the emphasis on our recommendations for Lisa is to help look after her fair skin, maintaining hydration, cell renewal and repair in a hot semi tropical climate with a full time, full on multi-dimensioanl career and her love for the outdoors. Life is for living and our passion is to make products for real people to live their lives to the fullest, every day is precious!

Jessica Green Ambassador for Probioskin® chat about a day in the life of Lisa Brown…

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No to Chemicals – Probioskin is toxic chemical free skin care When Life passes you Lemons – Cleanse!
No to Chemicals – Probioskin is toxic chemical free skin care
When Life passes you Lemons – Cleanse!

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