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Welcome to 5 minutes with Probioskin®!

Working in the health & wellness industry we come across many beautiful people from all walks of life. Clients, colleagues, artists, practitioners,
friends new & old,  business people.
One of my catch phrases comes from when meeting & talking with people you realise – ” we all have a story, yours is amazing, you should write a book!”
When you appreciate the people you meet in your day to day either casually or through work, school, travels & are lucky enough to have the time to converse a little deeper than the usual chit chat, it’s amazing the stories that lie beneath.
Our “5 minutes with…” blog series is a little insight & connection to a few of the people we have had the chance to meet & are fortunate enough to embrace in our day. We have started our series with some of our beloved colleagues and professionals practitioners and as our series goes on, you will met quite a diversity of people from all walks of life. We know you’ll find it interesting, hopefully inspiring & maybe even give you the magic to walk more confidently in your own journey.
In love & laughter always Amanda & Robyn xx

The Probioskin mini blog series is designed to introduce our readers to a range of health, wellness & fitness businesses we feel aline with our own wellness values. We can wait to introduce you to our tribe of like-minded people! Lets get started….with cofounder of Probioskin® Amanda Parker


Tell us a little about yourself / your business….

First and foremost I’m a Mother of two awesome teenagers, balancing my passion as an entrepreneur business woman with my loves of nature, the ocean, books, being occasional/avid dreamer and idealist, totally addicted to music and real food from all over the globe! My career of 27 years as a health & wellness practitioner has had me busy with clients I feel privileged to have in my life. As a practitioner of Remedial therapeutic massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, and as an aesthetician, I am in love with and in awe of how amazing our body truly is.

Bringing all of my career and knowledge together in to Probioskin® has been a unique journey – we are a family business with my mother Robyn & I in partnership bringing what each of us do best to the desk. My daughter helps in the school holidays and we joke about the 3 generations of Probioskin® girls!


What inspired you to begin your business?

 In a nutshell, it has kind of evolved from a desire to bring what we practice daily in our clinic to more people in the world. Sharing the health & wellness love via our wellness centre with our clients, friends & family has been something we have been doing daily for many years now. Its has ben a natural progression to expand what we do in our clinic to a global community/family.  Essentially by opening our hearts and e-doors, sharing our Probioskin® philosophy, skin care, nutritional wholefoods & herbal tisanes globally has grown organically from there. 


What message do you hope your business spreads?

 How simple it is to live a healthy good life with the right ingredients. By respecting and honouring the laws of nature we are in balance. Love your Self unconditionally, you are the one and only You. Be happy, we have so much to be grateful for. Be kind to others.


How do you look after yourself?

 Meditate – it’s a life-saving practice. Semi regular yoga and pilates – my favourite ways to bring me back together and to stay fit, strong, healthy. Walks on the beach – meditation and exercise all in one!

Eating fresh real food. I’m no angel, I do like a glass of wine, craft beer, gin & tonic and a good pizza is always fun with friends. I have a thing though about making real food using real ingredients, with freshness, goodness and quality over quantity. Time with family & friends.


What wellness practices do you bring into the office?

 We have a kitchen full of our own herbal teas and nutritional products, with a blender and fruit bowl on the lunch table. A green drink a day keeps the Dr away! We always have music playing in the background and often burn a little incense to “clear the air” for mindful thinking. Humour is a tonic for the stressful weeks.


 If you could only have 5 favourite foods what would they be?

 Always hard to bring it down to 5 but if I have to…watermelon, avocado, grapefruit, quinoa, garlic.


What is your number one wellness tip when travelling?

I take an aromatherapy atomizer blend I make up with me to freshen and clear the air around me & my family on the plane and in hotels. It really helps to protect against picking up random germs and you always feel so much fresher. Tip: always let your fellow travellers know when you’re going to spray them! I always have a bottle of our Mayella™ Olivane Repair Serum Rose with me to keep my skin hydrated and protected no matter what. To avoid jet lag and germs, my family & I take our Isoprene6™ capsules, starting a few days before we go anywhere and continuing until we get back. Works a treat! My iPod, camera and a good book are a must have and the crème de la crème of having time to relax and do more of my favourite things when travelling!!!


We look forward to having you come along with us on our mini blog series journey, and introducing you to some new faces! Subscribe on our www to our e-newsletter so you receive our blogs straight to your inbox before they go live. See you on the path to your good health – Amanda and Robyn xx


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