Cellular Repair & Protection when its needed

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Some days its all about pulling out the BIG boys to power up everyone’s daily skin care routine and adding that extra layer of intensive and nothing soothes dry, dehydrated, sun burnt or wind burnt skin like our Mayella® Vitamin B Active Lotion ❤✨💕 overflowing with seriously good skin repair factors & fast results, soothing with first application. Its all about the cells. Repair and protection happens on the surface and in the cellular matrix.

A client mid 30’s came in on Monday as she had run out of her Cleansing Serum & it was hard not to notice she had sunburnt & windburnt rosy red cheeks from the weekend outside activities – dry & quite sore. We gave her a mini facial as part of her consultation & sent her home with Mayella® Vitamin B Active Lotion to heal & repair, soothe the UV damage, hydrate & nourish the windburn, calm the redness.
Blossom phoned this morning to say, redness gone, sensitivity & soreness gone, skin feeling soft, hydrated & 100% better. And that her husband was happily feeling the same benefits too!!! So nice of her to share ❤ BOOM Shanka Lanka – that’s what we are about RESULTS ❤✨💕

Mayella® organics Vitamin B Active Lotion contains effective percentage of Vitamin B3 a vitamin proven to reduce redness, hyperpigmentation, yellowness, blotchy spots over the skin. The presence of Vitamin B3 strengthens the skins natural barrier, the acid mantle, and helps to preserve levels of NADH and NADPH, enzymes that contribute to production of cellular energy and lipids important for cell growth, our anti-aging enzymes. This also makes our Mayella®  lotion effective for skins experiencing irritation, break out, rashes, skin sensitivity (eg from allergies, dryness or stress) and acne. Botanical phytonutrients also calm and soothe the appearance of redness and blotchiness.

Daily applications of Mayella® Vitamin B Active Lotion with a balanced and concentrated vegan formula including bio-oils and native plant extracts, aids in reducing ageing oxidation damage, and will support the repair of and add to the improvement of elasticity in the skin and reduction of fine lines. Leaving your skin feeling smooth, hydrated, supple. Cells nourished and protected.

Tip: Keep our Vitamin B Active in your skin care kit if you are heading outdoors, beach, surf, s’up, sun, snow, ski/snow boarding, cycle – anything outdoors really to have on hand the right ammunition to balance and repair UV damage, sun burn, windburn, dehydration, that tight skin feeling from dryness. Nourishment, protection and hydration in a lightweight lotion thats like milk to a baby for your skin – drinking it in!

We are all about cellular repair & protection peeps, nourishing your being inside and out with cellfood.

Mayella Vitamin B Active Lotion - Cellular Repair & Protection when its needed - Blog Post by Probioskin

Cellular Repair & Protection with Mayella® Vitamin B Active Lotion

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