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Corny but true, being hydrated is vital to life and living. Our cells function at their beautiful best when hydrated fully, assists our body with consistent energy levels and vitality. Tiredness is a sure sign of dehydration as are aches and pains. Eyes clear, bright and sparkly and maybe too much information for some, but our wee clear and not smelling also indicates our cellular hydration is making our body happy! Dehydration causes the skin to age faster, without cellular hydration it becomes dull and congested looking. Fine lines are enhanced, much as an apple that has been sitting in the fruit bowl too long and shrivels – nooo!

To hydrate means we must apply topically and drink plenty of fluids which benefits our cells and maintains healthy function of all organs, however the skin is unfortunately one of the last places it reaches and so it is important to hydrate the skin via the outside too. Olivane™ is our heroine ingredient and the foundation of each of our skincare products offering supreme cellular hydration for active function, renewal and healing. For a lifetime of healthy, beautiful skin it is essential to support ultimate hydration daily from combining actions that support both the inner and outer worlds of our being.

Olivane™ Repair Serum - Rose Infusion

Olivane™ Repair Serum – Rose Infusion

Our heroine ingredient Olivane™ shines in our nourishing repair serum with organic bio-active green tea extract for an antioxidant rich formulation infused with pure Damascus Rose botanical for supreme hydration.

We only source the highest quality and wild crafted Damascus Rose pure aromatherapy essential oil from generations old farms to infuse in our nourishing antioxidant repair serum. Working in harmony with Olivane™ and Organic Green Tea Extract to create our beautiful Quan Yin – Queen of Serums for supreme cellular hydration.

Skincare :: Step by Step Probioskin is now on Bloglovin!
Skincare :: Step by Step
Probioskin is now on Bloglovin!

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