A Wake Up Call


Life changes will never happen until you change something you do daily.
Does this  thought make you feel challenged, excited, confused? Each of us responds differently to having a Daily Routine, how to create Success and bring about Change.

What do we do daily to make our day better than the next?
If Change makes you feel tired, overwhelmed with the thought of a “To do list” and the mental pressure of not enough time to get through even the first 5 markers, let alone check it all off – Change is exactly what you need!

Before you open your eyes,  take 10 long slow breaths. Get out of bed and give your body a shake – SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!! Roll your shoulders, swing your arms, stretch your legs.  Reach for a glass of water and drink. You’ve just switched on your nervous system, oxygenated your muscles, got your lymphatics moving and woken up!

Now in the kitchen, reach for the apple juice, your favourite BPA free drink bottle or mason jar and the tub of Mayella Alkalise Green & Go . Pour some apple juice, 1 heaped teaspoon of Mayella™ Alkalise Green & Go put on the lid and shake it good.  DRINK!  Ok, now you’ve just started some pretty good metabolic functions and your digestion and brain are already looking at today in a more positive light. Sunshine – instead of rain – and just maybe you could even go without a coffee today – maybe!



What is success when measured in day to day terms?

Breaking old or bad habits is a “success”. Creating new habits or routines are a “success” –   We all have goals, dreams, plans.  But so many times we are not considering a starting point for these things to happen. The best starting point is now, don’t let your mind get involved, simply do without a second thought. This is the key to success Sunshine – Wake up and do what you’ve been thinking!

The Good Guide meets Amanda Parker of Probioskin! Season :: A Change Is In The Air
The Good Guide meets Amanda Parker of Probioskin!
Season :: A Change Is In The Air

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