5 Minutes with ….. Macey Stewart

5 Minutes with…Macey Stewart

The Probioskin mini blog series “5 minutes with…” is designed to introduce our readers to a range of health, wellness & fitness colleagues, athletes, practitioners and business people we feel align with our own wellness values and that we know have something to share with you. We cant wait to introduce you to our tribe of like-minded people! Oh and don’t forget to drop back soon to hear more from Macey. Lets get started….with  Macey Stewart

Tell us a little about yourself ….

My name is Macey Stewart and I am a 20-year-old Athlete from a small town called Devonport, in Tasmania, Australia. Since the day I was born I have been a ‘go-getter’, tackling cycling, soccer, athletics, dancing, singing, acting and school all at once! After many years of being pulled in different directions I decided cycling was my best bet at reaching the top, and therefore dedicated my teens years to becoming the best cyclist I could be. I have now won 3 Junior World Championships, a Senior World Cup title and over 30 national medals, representing Australia on many occasions. After a year of rest from competing and an attempt at ‘normal’ life I have returned to cycling and plan on representing Australia in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

5 Minutes with ..... Macey Stewart - Blog Post by Probioskin

What inspired you to begin your career in cycling?

Both my big brothers were involved in cycling and I was dragged around the racing as an eager 8 year old. Of course I couldn’t wait to give cycling a go, so I jumped into my brothers hand me downs and haven’t looked back since!

What message do you hope your invovement with cycling spreads?

Living an active and healthy lifestyle is not only great for your physical health but has a massive impact on your mental health too. I’ve realised after having a break from focusing on my health as a job, that being healthy makes you so much happier. It makes everything in life more positive! I also want young people to know that working hard towards dreams is so rewarding, and if you work hard you can achieve things that you might see impossible. Our bodies and minds are capable of so much more than we think!

How do you look after yourself?

Well, as an athlete I’m required to train 6-7 days of the week, sometimes twice a day. So lots of exercise! I also like to eat reasonably healthy, but am a firm believer in everything in moderation, so I do treat myself sometimes (maybe more often than I should)! I feel like if I can’t treat myself as a training athlete then who can? I love my Mayella Green & Go smoothie of a morning and my Nourish Blend during the day! Drinking lots of water is really important but sometimes I struggle to get it down. I find it easier if I take a drink bottle with me everywhere and just sip on it. I also love soda water because it gives me my fizzy fix! I get massages occasionally and sleep lots so I can recover from training, and feel as physically and mentally refreshed as possible each day. I also try to keep a good social life because it’s all about balance!

5 Minutes with ..... Macey Stewart - Blog Post by Probioskin

If you could only have 5 favourite foods what would they be?

Hmmmm this is VERY hard! I love all foods! Haha while growing up in a family of tradies, I have always eaten like a workingman, so no. 1 would have to be steak!

I also love veggies but I can’t specify which one… Does veggie mash count as one?

My guilty pleasure is cooked haloumi cheese.

I eat at least 3 bananas a day.

Last but not least… my new addiction tuna and avo sushi roll!

What is your number one wellness tip when travelling?


5 Minutes with ..... Macey Stewart - Blog Post by Probioskin

Connect with Macey
Instagram :: @macey Stewart  //  Facebook :: /maceystewartcyclist

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