5 Minutes with…Lillian Rose

5 Minutes with…Lillian Rose

The Probioskin mini blog series “5 minutes with…” is designed to introduce our readers to a range of health, wellness & fitness colleagues, athletes, practitioners and business people we feel align with our own wellness values and that we know have something to share with you. We cant wait to introduce you to our tribe of like-minded people! Oh and don’t forget to drop back soon to hear more form Lillian Rose. Lets get started….with Lillian Rose!

Tell us a little about yourself …

I’m Lillian Rose, I’m 15 yrs old,  in year 10 and in my 3rd season as a competitive rower living on the Gold Coast. I’ve competed at state level championships and in 2nd year at national level championships for school. Rowing at national level at the Sydney Olympic course, seeing the Olympic symbols and rowing under them was definitely a highlight of my career so far!

5 Minutes with...Lillian Rose - Blog Post by Probioskin


What inspired you to begin competitive rowing?

I had grown too tall – 5’11, to be a competitive gymnast. Other family members had rowed previously & suggested I give it a try. I think I’m slightly addicted now!

What message do you hope to spreads?

To motivate other girls to be active and compete in difficult sports. It’s difficult because you have to be dedicated with training & fitness but it’s an equal opportunity sport so I’d like to let other girls know this and have a go. Rowing keeps you fit and healthy and I think it’s a wonderful way to meet great people.

How do you look after yourself?

I eat well. I’m a vegetarian and quite fussy with my diet and the quality of the food I eat, mostly it’s always organic fresh food. I regularly visit a really good physiotherapist and go reformer Pilates once a week (Matt from Arcadia Physiotherapy, read more about him HERE!). I stretch most days to stay flexible. I’m really disciplined with warming up and warming down, my diet, training and a positive disciplined attitude. I think it all goes together and keeps me confident in myself.


Mayella Smoothie - 5 Minutes with...Lillian Rose - Blog Post by Probioskin
If you could only have 5 favourite foods what would they be?

ok – wholemeal spelt pasta with olives, watermelon, mum’s homemade whole meal spelt pizza, organic apples, berries.

What is your number one wellness tip when travelling?

I travel a lot in rowing season getting to events and finding ways to stay fit means I have made up a stretch routine I can do anywhere. And food! I always take healthy whole food snacks with me so I don’t get stuck with buying crap processed snacks or fast foods.


5 Minutes with...Lillian Rose - Blog Post by Probioskin


Look out for more from Lillian Rose when she contributes again to our health and wellness posts in the new year – Life as she experiences it through the eyes a teenage amateur competitive rower.

In love & laughter always Team Probioskin xxx

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