5 Minutes with…Judes Yang

5 Minutes with...Judes Yang - Blog Post by Probioskin

5 Minutes with….Judes Yang Mini Blog Series!

The Probioskin mini blog series “5 minutes with…” is designed to introduce our readers to a range of health, wellness & fitness colleagues, athletes, practitioners and business people we feel align with our own wellness values and that we know have something to share with you. We can’t wait to introduce you to our tribe of like-minded people! Oh and don’t forget to drop back soon to hear more from Judes. Lets get started….with Judes Yang.

Tell us a little about yourself / your business….

I am very blessed and grateful that I found my calling of teaching Yoga at the age of 26 and have been sharing that around the world ever since. I am humbled that I get to share in so many peoples journeys each day on their mats.

We all have a light within us and as a yoga teacher, you get to see each and everyone’s light and heart. So it is priceless when you see people having the “aha” moments when they see their worth or realise their potential too. It’s beautiful to see.

I have a social enterprise and it’s a yoga mat company that gives back, Sahaja Yoga Mats. The entire ethos for Sahaja is giving ALL ways. So all our products will have a giving aspect to communities internationally, as well as domestically.
For every yoga mat we sell we donate a solar light to communities in Mozambique that don’t have electricity. For every tee/singlet we sell we donate a yoga class to RIZEUP Australia, supporting the many families affected by domestic and family violence.

Sahaja is about thinking globallly but also acting locally.

What inspired you to begin your business?

Sahaja was born in Place of darkness to bring light into the world. I wasn’t in a great place, mentally and emotionally and it was other people bringing light and love into my life that brought me back to the light.

I wanted to pay it forward the amazing amount of love that I was given. To light up other people’s lives as mine was.

What message do you hope your business spreads?

That we can all bring light to each other lives. What I have loved is that when I have being speaking to people or when people contact me to buy the mats, is the giving. About 70% of people have being giving the mats as a gift and I LOVE that! It’s the ripple effect of giving that is amazng!

Sahaja isn’t about the mats… Sahaja is about the giving to others. The community, the oneness, the unity and love for all mankind. When you buy a Sahaja yoga mat, you aren’t just buying a mat. You are actually contributing to the betterment of another persons life.

How do you look after yourself?

Well the obvious, yoga lol!
I love Prana Vinyasa which is the style I’m trained in with my teacher Shiva Rea. I practice Yin and Kundalini Yoga too and my own sitting practice.

I am endlessly travelling for my own curiosity and enjoying new challenges. Also for teaching and workshops which I love holding and giving to people all over the planet.

My morning beach walks is also a way for me to look after myself as well as massages, food, cooking, family, Friends, reading and movies.
My connections with my peoples are deep and heartfelt and laughing! You have to laugh!

I also love to box and kickbox! Just love it!

What wellness practices do you bring into the office?

Well I’m blessed as my office is any place I can do yoga. So depending on the space it can include includes yoga trainings, dancing, music, laughter and fun!

Oh and definitely mindfulness, a lot of love and heart.

If you could only have 5 favourite foods what would they be?

  1. Sushi!
  2. Water
  3. Veggies
  4. Falafels
  5. Avocados!!

What is your number one wellness tip when travelling?

Sleep, water and earthing! Stay hydrated and where ever you land go earth yourself. Stand barefoot in the park or dig your feet into the sand and just be. Experience that moment and let yourself arrive.

You can find out more about Jude & Sahaja here Sahaja & here at Judes Yang

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