5 Minutes with…. Jo Hendy

5 Minutes with…Jo Hendy from The Sacred Sister Project

The Probioskin mini blog series “5 minutes with…” is designed to introduce our readers to a range of health, wellness & fitness colleagues, athletes, practitioners and business people we feel align with our own wellness values and that we know have something to share with you. We cant wait to introduce you to our tribe of like-minded people! Oh and don’t forget to drop back soon to hear more from Jo. Lets get started…with Jo


Tell us a little about yourself/ your business…

Hey there! Firstly and most importantly I am a mother to 4 extraordinary souls and a partner in life to one amazing man!
A little about myself… I am a seeker in life and love to challenge the systems that would have us believe we are limited. This has become much more apparent to me as I have taken the jackets of resistance and doubt off over the years. I run my own Soya Candle business, JaaBay Candles, which now I can say is more of a passion than my purpose. I am about to give birth to something that has sat on the back burner for many years but now in this very fast paced evolving universe that we find ourselves in, it must be unleashed and I have been given a powerful push to share what I have learnt over the years. I now run workshops for teenage girls which is called “The Sacred Sister Project”

What inspired you to begin your business?

I actually just got out of my own way and stopped sabotaging myself with negative self-talk. I just decided that here I am talking about a passion and big purpose in helping teenage girls and I wasn’t doing what I teach. My mind would constantly tell me I couldn’t, I shouldn’t , I wouldn’t, so I would believe it and go back to what I have always done. I woke up one morning and it was like something had just turned on inside, I was motivated, I was pumped, I was ready! I basically had a website on the go, my business name registered, a partner to come on board all in a day of deciding. Once deciding, the universe really did conspire to bring it all forth and I haven’t looked back! Everything has just been flowing since that day!

What message do you hope your business spreads?

Firstly we are not limited by our age.  My wish is for all of our beautiful girls to walk away from our workshops with a strong sense of who they are, a wonderful knowing of where they stand in their world and a confidence that is unwavering. I am passionate about girls knowing who they are and taking that into the world with an empowered outlook on life.

5 Minutes with.... Jo Hendy - Blog Post by Probioskin

How do you look after yourself?

One of my close friends is a yogi, so I do love Hot Yoga and recently fell in love with Yin Yoga.
I also find that eating Paleo leaves me feeling lighter and clearer not only bodily wise but mentally too, its like a cleanse for your soul. 

What wellness practices do you bring into the office?

My office is home, so I am lucky enough to have my family around me and the beach right out my window. Whilst I am in an office space at home I always have chill out music playing in the background and candles burning everywhere.

What is your number one wellness tip when travelling?

Dress light and comfy, drink heaps of water before, during and after your flight, toothbrush always, and on longer trips try to take your own healthy munchies when you can.

5 Minutes with.... Jo Hendy - Blog Post by Probioskin
Find out more about Jo and The Sacred Sister Project at // @thesacredsisterproject // /thesacredsisterproject

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