5 Minutes with…Jenni Madison from Coconut Magic

5 Minutes with…Jenni Madison

The Probioskin mini blog series is designed to introduce our readers to a range of health, wellness & fitness practitioners, people and businesses we feel aline with our own health and wellness values and that we know have something to share with you. We can’t wait to introduce you to our tribe of like-minded people! Lets get started….

Introducing Jenni Madison founder of Coconut Magic and lover of all things Coconut!

Coconut Magic is a Kingscliff NSW based company dedicated to bringing you the finest quality coconut products. In 2009 founder Jenni Madison, was called to Thailand for what seemed to be a promising work opportunity. Things didn’t work out as planned and when life ‘fell apart’ so did Jenni’s health. Jenni found herself living in Thailand with no income and her health concerns became chronic. After seeking advice from health professionals it wasn’t until a local recommended she use coconut oil to assist with her chronic digestive ailments. This is when synchronicity kicked in and a local supplier appeared with this magical oil.

5 Minutes with...Jenni Madison from Coconut Magic - Blog Post by Probioskin


Tell us a little about yourself / your business….

In my personal world I am an animal and nature lover. I live with my husband and two fur-babies in Kingscliff, NSW.

 In my professional world I am the founder of Coconut Magic, author of The Healthy Coconut and a self-professed health nut. I adopted The Healthy Coconut lifestyle after personally discovering the amazing health benefits of coconut oil while living and working in Thailand in 2010. When I returned to Australia, in early 2011, I realised that not all coconut oils were the same. I was then compelled to share my game-changing health and wellness findings and the premium cold-pressed coconut oil I had enjoyed in Thailand with my fellow Australians. From this, Fair-trade, vegan-company and brand, Coconut Magic, was born.
Since that time, Coconut Magic has grown to offer a wide variety of premium coconut-based products that are distributed nationwide and internationally. My first book, The Healthy Coconut, includes thorough health and wellbeing information as well as many delicious, nutritious and unusual plant-based whole food recipes.

What message do you hope your business spreads?

We hope to spread the message of nature’s wisdom for health and healing through a plant-based, wholefood lifestyle. This of course includes plenty of the right fats and oils like coconut oil.

5 Minutes with...Jenni Madison from Coconut Magic - Blog Post by Probioskin5 Minutes with...Jenni Madison from Coconut Magic - Blog Post by Probioskin

How do you look after yourself?

 I eat a wholefood plant-based diet, with plenty of coconut oil and coconut products. I make sure to drink plenty of pure spring water, and completely avoid tap water or plastic bottled water. I watch the sun rise each morning, meditate and take frequent baths filled with magnesium salts and coconut oil. I do my best to keep my mind clear from external negativity as much as possible. I try and get a regular massage, but that doesn’t always work out as often as I’d like it too.
I love what I do for a living! And will only participate in events that truly align with my personal values and soul’s calling.

What wellness practices do you bring into the office?

 Staying present with the task at hand is probably the best way to manage stress levels. No junk food or gossip is allowed in the office. Drink plenty of clean water to stay hydrated.

If you could only have 5 favourite foods what would they be?

 It is amazing how much we can do with coconut for food and body. The milk, the water, the flesh and the oil from the flesh, so my first food will be my beloved coconut!
For my other foods I would include Berries, Raw Chocolate, Beans and Avocado.

What is your number one wellness tip when travelling?

Take plenty of raw snacks such as our raw energy bars. They just hit the spot for a nutrition dense snack when not much healthy food is otherwise available, such as when taking long flights, and or needing to substitute a meal on the go.


5 Minutes with...Jenni Madison from Coconut Magic - Blog Post by Probioskin

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Connect with Jenni via
Instagram :: @coconutmagic  //  Facebook :: /coconutmagic  //  Website ::


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