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    Mayella ® Cleansing Lotion


    avocado | ginger | jasmine

    Organic bio-active ingredients combine for a deeply cleansing, refining and regulating cleansing lotion with hydrating alpha hydroxy acids combining with antioxidant rich vitamin E to protect the cellular matrix and enhanced by uplifting pure essences to soothe, circulate, tone and decongest.


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    Mayella ® Cleansing Serum


    jojoba | sweet almond | lemon

    Organic bio-active ingredients combine for a pH balanced revitalising and conditioning cleansing serum, enhanced with the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of vitamin C and complimented with the aromatic freshness and clearing benefits of pure citrus.


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    Mayella ® Fibre Cloths

    25 fibres per bag.

    A soft, non abrasive cloth to move your cleansing and exfoliant products further into your skin, gently lifting out make up, dirt, oil and grime effectively leaving your skin fresh, clean. You will be able to reuse one cloth for around 4–6 times so it will last for 3 days morning and night. Rinse well after each use and hang to dry. However acne skin sufferers will want to use a new one each time to avoid recontamination of infection. If used for cleansing with make up removal only use once for effective cleansing of make up  and skin care product removal.

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