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Welcome to probioskin.com

A perfect union of science and nature is the alchemy of probioskin.com. Our skin range has been specifically formulated bringing to the table our many years of experience and clinical practice, holding a clear vision of what we believe skin care is then blending with integrity to create our pure unadulterated concentrates, with no harmful chemicals or synthetics. Our hero ingredient Olivane effectively delivers and enhances the bioactive benefits of organic aromatherapy pure essential oils and botanicals used in our range.

Our passion for the probioskin.com skin range and health supplements is to educate and encourage an awareness of the need to embrace the inner and outer balance, both nutritionally, mentally, physically, emotionally – thus holistically. This balance and integration we see as being vital to our health, wellbeing and longevity.

Probioskin.com holds integrity and ethical manufacturing as the centre of our formulation practice and are happy to say we do not use commonly used chemicals such as propylene glycol, phthalates, parabens, ureas, sulfates, ammonia compounds, oxybenzone, petrochemicals or commonly called mineral oils, fragrances or synthetic fragrances, GMO, synthetic or adulterated aromatherapy essential oils in any of our skin care. You and your skin simply do not need them!

We have many new products and projects birthing throughout 2015 ,releasing through our blogposts and social media – if you haven’t liked us on FB, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest, Google + or Tumblr we invite you to come and say hi. Its our way of keeping you informed and inspired. Your comments and questions help us to know what is going on in your life as we share what is happening with us at Probioskin.com


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Featured products
  • Add to cartView DetailsHealth Supplementsqualene ip 6

    Squalene iP6

    ProBioSkin.com Natural Squalene iP6 promotes health at the cellular level. Healthier cells means healthier organs and systems that help us become more productive and effective. Squalene iP6 puts Oxygen directly into the bloodstream! An ancient antioxidant that is essential to living life with vitality and good health.

  • Select optionsHealth Supplementnourish-health-supplement-green-smoothie


    Nourish provides a rich profile of phytonutrients, alkaloids, essential fatty acids, enzymes, vegan proteins, vitamins and minerals that work as a powerful team for harmonious bodily function. Benefiting hormone communication and flow, optomising our endocrine system, improving libido and fertility. An ideal ratio of protein, fats and carbohydrates are easy to absorb and digest. Our formula is perfect for total wellness, recovery from illness, stress, and general fatigue. Nourish gives energy to support our everyday nutritional needs.

  • Select optionsDaily Essentialsacne daily essentials

    Daily Essentials for Acne

    Daily Essentials for Acne kit contains: Cleansing Lotion 30ml AHA Exfoliating Serum 15ml Vitamin A Night Serum 15ml Olivane Infusion – Rose or Citrus 15ml

  • Add to cartView DetailsDaily Facial Kitdaily-facial-spice-for-men

    Daily Facial for Men

    Mens daily facial kit contains Cleansing Serum 30ml AHA Exfoliating Whip 30ml AHA Exfoliating Serum 15ml Vitamin A Night Serum 15ml Vitamin B Lotion – Vital 15ml Vitamin C Serum 15ml Olivane Infusion – Spice 15ml SunProtect Moisturiser Micro 250 15ml + Bonus FREE Fibrella and 15% off your next Fibrella order

  • Add to cartView DetailsDaily Facial Kitsfacial daily rose anti ageing dry tired skin

    Daily Facial for Anti-Ageing

    Anti-ageing daily facial kit contains Cleansing Serum 30ml AHA Exfoliating Whip 30 ml AHA Exfoliating Serum 15ml Vitamin A Night Serum 15ml Vitamin B Lotion Light 15ml Vitamin C Serum 15ml Olivane Infusion – Rose 15ml SunProtect Moisturiser Micro 100 15ml + Bonus FREE Fibrella and 15% off your next Fibrella order

  • Add to cartView Details40 Day Smoothie ChallengeAlkalise Green & Go 40 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

    Alkalise Green and Go Challenge

    Probioskin.com are challenging everyone to take Alkalise Green & Go every morning in a smoothie for 40 days. At the end of the 40 days we will give you another 40 days supply of Alkalise Green & Go completely free of charge. Yes that’s right FREE of charge! Buy this product to automatically be accepted for the Alkalise Green & Go 40 Day Smoothie Challenge. Please see the Details for Competition Rules to see how you can qualify for your free 400 g tub.

  • Select optionsStep 1 Cleanseprobioskin.com gentle cleansing serum

    Cleansing Serum

    Revitalising, citrus fresh gently and effectively cleanses all skin types and conditions. Daily Cleansing is the first step to healthy skin!

  • Select optionsStep 2 ExfoliateProbioskin.com AHA exfoliating whip

    AHA Exfoliating Whip

    Skin exfoliation with Jojoba beads, Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oils, Alpha Hydroxy Acids create a Wholeistic Skin exfoliation and polish for smooth, soft skin.

  • Select optionsStep 3 Vitamisevitamin a serum

    Vitamin A Night Serum

    A light antioxidant and moisturising serum, formulated with aromatherapy essential oils, for healthy balanced skin with a smooth appearance.

  • Select optionsStep 3 Vitamisevitamin b lotion vital Sale!

    Vitamin B Lotion – Vital

    $40.00$140.00 $49.50$163.00
    Hydrating and warming, promotes circulation to dull, tired skin in need of a vitamin hit and an immune boost for healthy appearance.

  • Select optionsStep 3 Vitamisevitmain c serum

    Vitamin C Serum

    Vibrant and fresh Antioxidant Serum for all skin types and conditions. A highly absorbent beautiful serum gives a super immune boost to the skin.

  • Select optionsStep 4 Nourishpure olive squalene serum

    Olivane™ Repair Serum – Infusion Rose

    Olivane Reapir Serum - Infusion Rose with botanical extracts and organic aromatherapy Rose pure essential oil for supreme hydration and antioxidant protection.



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