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Probioskin® Featured Products

See our range of acai berry products, aromatherapy and aromatherapy oils products, barley grass and wheatgrass products.

Rest Easy

Beauty & Brains

Cleansing Lotion

Multi Vitamin Enriched Whip

Mayella® Green Harmony Nutritional Blend

Vitamin B Vital Lotion

Nourish Formulated Blend

Cleansing Serum

AHA Exfoliating Whip

Vitamin C Lift Serum

Mayella® Olivane™ Repair Serum – Rose Infusion

Ginger Kisses

Mayella® Acai Berry Beautiful


Vitamin A Night Serum

Probioskin® - Supplier of natural skin care Australia and product for sensitive skin.

Established in 2010, Probioskin® is an Australian leading luxury therapeutic beauty and organic nutritional range - Mayella®. We have created our Vegan concentrates - Skincare, Herbal Tisanes, with over 27 years of clinical practice and experience. A wholistic process with every step along the way incorporating ancient alchemical wisdom to benefit every individual and the whole family with what is Mayella® in todays modern way of life. All of our products are natural and organic, pure with no fillers or bulking agents, animal cruelty free, no synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals.

Wheatgrass powder, Barley grass powder, Acai berry and Acai powder in our healthy juices.

Probioskin® is also supplier of Wholefood Nutritional Superfoods. Free from allergens such as dairy, gluten and questionable elements such as palm oil and GMO's. Find recipes, lifestyle FAQ's and tips in our social media, ebooks and enewsletters.

Probioskin® is family owned and operating on the scenic and fabulous Gold Coast, Queensland Australia, we pride ourselves on our service to you and our ethical manufacturing practice with a focus on fairtrade and sustainable sourcing across all of our range. It is our absolute pleasure to inspire you with our company and our products, made by us to support you in a lifetime of health and wellness. We invite you to love & laughter Robyn & Amanda xx